The cookies we use help with the functionality of our site, to improve your experience whilst browsing, please read on for more information on what cookies are and how we use them. For more information on the types of data gathered using cookies, please read our Data Protection Policy.


Cookies, including browsers or tracking cookies, are small text files that are added to your computer when you visit a website. They help websites to perform certain functions, including knowing who you are if you log into a restricted part of a website and for tracking purposes.

We use the following cookies:

Google Analytics & WordPress. We use Google Analytics and WordPress cookies on the website for tracking purposes. The cookies allow us to understand general traffic to our website, including the number of visitors and length of time on the website. This process collects anonymous data to help us develop the website, make improvements and enhance the user experience.

Privacy Preferences

We use a tracking cookie, which is added to your computer to remember your cookie preferences, including whether you have allowed or disallowed them.

Hubspot Marketing. We use Hubspot Marketing to power form collection on our website. When a form is submitted a cookie is used to track the visitor’s identity on our website and to save preferences set when interacting with Hubspot elements on our website. These cookies allow us to serve our customers to the high standard, allowing us to seamlessly deal with your enquiry from our website.

Manage cookies

Shortly after arriving at our website, we will add an ‘opt-in’ tracking cookie to your computer unless you specify otherwise. If you would like to opt-in or opt-out of using cookies, you can amend this by altering your browser settings. You can review your cookie settings at any time.

If you do opt-out then an opt-out preference cookie will be added to your computer, however if you delete all your cookies or use a different device then you will need to set your cookie preference again. If this is your first visit and you navigate away from this page without specifying your cookies preference then an ‘opt-in’ tracking cookie will be added to your computer.

Please note that you cannot opt-out of the deployment of cookies that are necessary for delivery of our website or services to visitors.