With organisations planning for their future, hybrid working environments will likely be a part of that preparation. But with hybrid working, organisations need to consider how they will change and adapt their meeting rooms to suit the needs of all attendees, whether that be in-person or remote. With Microsoft Teams naturally becoming more and more utilised for business operations, it is vital to understand how users in different meeting places can get a collectively great experience, whether at home or the office.

During this webinar, our experts will talk about the different functions of different Microsoft Teams rooms, from how they work to why they will deliver the best experience. Then, running through the various solutions available from our partner Poly, we can help direct you to the suitable Microsoft Teams meeting technology for your organisation.

Remember, although we want all attendees to have the same experience, designing your meeting rooms is not a one-size-fits-all solution, so join the experts to get the most from your meeting experiences.