Computerworld and Arctic Wolf are pleased to bring you this introductory webinar for IT operations & management, discussing how to end cyber risk with managed security operations and help instantly boost your cyber security protection without the purchase of new products or tools, or the recruitment of more security staff. In this session we will cover:

  • Yield broad visibility of threats across all attack surfaces (networks, endpoints public clouds, SaaS services and datacentres)
  • Reduce the reliance on costly tools such as SIEMs, instead harnessing an Open XDR architecture within the cloud.
  • Unify threat detection, risk & vulnerability management and security awareness training into a single concierge delivered service.
  • Accelerate migration to public cloud and Microsoft 365 whilst gaining expertise and best of breed within your security posture.
  • Gain compliance with frameworks such as ISO27001, Cyber Essentials+ and NIST.
  • A review of a real attack on a customer’s Microsoft Exchange platform, and how Arctic Wolf helped protect against the attack.