Every business wants to maximise its investments, prolonging the time between large capital expenditures. While this strategy may work in many cases, did you know that it may actually harm your business when applied to a data centre refresh?

With IT infrastructure now so critical to a business on many levels, an outdated data centre can hamper efficiency and productivity, handing your competitors an advantage. Examining your existing infrastructure to see if it meets current and future business requirements is critical, and companies need to be prepared to invest in their data centres to stay competitive.

Refreshing your data centre may be an expensive job, but it’s a business-critical one. In part, data centre investment needs to be thought of differently. Rather than a simple capital expenditure on supporting hardware (like buying new office furniture), a data centre should be thought of as an investment that drives business initiatives. By investing in your IT infrastructure, and continuing to do so with cyclical refreshes, your company continues to move forward with the tools it needs to expand, to find new opportunities and to maximise the competitive edge gained over your competition.

In this guide, we’ll show you how best to approach a refresh, outlining the key benefits of the process.