Outsourced IT support that’s a perfect fit for your business

IT can be overlooked in businesses where it isn’t the core competency. Building an IT team and developing skills may slip down the ‘to do’ list as other priorities take precedence. But when technology underpins so much of your operations and communications, it plays a vital role in keeping your business competitive.

When IT doesn’t work it can get in the way of running your business – whether that’s stopping user workflow when technical assistance is required, or more critical technologies encountering issues.

Dependable IT support is a must for every organisation, large or small. IT support comes in many guises – from simple day-to-day troubleshooting to a fully managed service. We’re on hand with managed support services to fit every need and budget.

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IT support matters – don’t settle for second best

When so many of your organisation’s functions rely on solid IT, sub-standard support simply won’t cut it. Our IT support team are, without exception, highly-skilled professionals – and the levels of knowledge they’ve amassed over the years is second to none.

When you choose ComputerWorld for your outsourced IT support, you can be confident that the person you’ll speak to on the helpdesk will have figured out countless answers to the most complex and stressful problems onsite at businesses like yours.

Our IT Support Services

  • IT support  (CWcare) (1st & 2nd line) 
  • IT escalation  (3rd & 4th line) 
  • CWcare Complete 

Tried and tested helpdesk support

We take great pride in delivering the best support we can for our customers. More than just words, this statement is backed up by the impressive NPS scores we’ve received for all our support services, based on the world-class resolution times we offer our customers. 

We know the importance of aligning your IT support with the rest of your business, which is why we offer a range of flexible contract options based on your specific needs. You can choose support to cover as much or as little of your IT as you need. And no matter the provision you select, we offer fully transparent pricing without any surprises.

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