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When investing in new technology, or embarking on a digital transformation strategy, it’s important to factor in training as part of your plan. When your users and administrators know how to operate and manage the technology they work with, you can achieve so much more from your investment.

It’s not only when procuring new IT that training can play a part. The pace of technology moves quickly – whether that’s new products and services or updates and upgrades to existing ones. For this reason, training can’t be viewed as a one-time event. Upskilling is an important part of realising the ongoing potential of your workforce.

What’s more, a structured corporate training programme can be a powerful tool in attracting and retaining the talent your business relies on. Your investment in them will reap rewards as they in turn use their knowledge to the advantage of your organisation.

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ComputerWorld Training – built for IT

ComputerWorld Training is the largest IT training provider in the South West and Wales, with national reach across the whole of the UK. We’re also experts in implementing IT solutions – so who better to turn to for training than a team of people who help design and install technology every day?

We offer a rich portfolio of training, accreditation and certification, which can be delivered through a range of mediums and approaches. Courses can take place in-person in familiar classroom settings, or through online training and virtual delivery. From instructor-led to self-paced learning, we have something to suit every goal, need and learning style.

We recognise that people learn in different ways, and businesses have different requirements – so we give you the choice to blend these approaches as you see fit. And if there isn’t a course already prepared that meets your needs, we’ll create one for you based on your specific objectives.

A confident workforce means an unstoppable business

Our aim is to provide high-quality corporate training experiences by offering flexible ways in which to learn. All our training is accompanied by rich support materials, so participants can continue to realise value beyond the course itself.

ComputerWorld offer a wide portfolio of courses, authored by us and delivered by our own team of instructors. Should your training needs foray into specialist or niche areas of IT, we also have access to a network of experts and courses in almost every field.

The level of training your users and administrators require can vary – from informal training to help them get to grips with the tech at their disposal, to authorised certifications that deliver industry-recognised awards. Whatever stage they’re at, we have a course to help them take the next step.

Your training needs may change too – due to new intake of staff, acquisition of technology or areas of growth in your business. To help support you as your business evolves, our training can be activated on an as-needed basis or built into a more comprehensive learning program that meets the ongoing needs of your team.

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