Managing your IT, so you can manage your business

Businesses rely on IT. From the small start up to the global player, technology plays a vital role in processes, communications and operations. As businesses grow, develop or change, so do their technology requirements – and therefore the need for IT support.

Some organisations are equipped with established in-house IT Support teams. Others, particularly those that are born in the cloud, may depend entirely upon outsourced IT support. At either end of the spectrum, the need for managed IT services can arise – and we’re ready to step in as part of your team to pick up the slack.

Choosing a managed services provider that you can rely on is critical. We’re here to help with everything from keeping the lights on, to harnessing IT to power transformation in your business.

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Pick and mix your IT support

At ComputerWorld we offer managed IT services to cover every part of your IT – from core infrastructure to end-user systems. Choose from our ready-to-go packages – or speak to an expert about tailored solutions if you’re looking for something more specific.

Are you looking to outsource your full IT provision? We deputise in place of recruiting your own people. Our dedicated IT professionals are on hand around the clock to keep things running smoothly. Alternatively, if things are busy in your own IT department, we can help relieve the pressure for any duration you need us. Hiring specialists can be a lengthy and costly process – if you need a specific skill at short notice, we can step in and fill the gap.

Where our services include the provision of technology, we have scoured the market for best-in-class tools so our customers can trust in the quality of the solution being delivered for them as part of the service.

Our Managed Services Solutions

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Outsourced IT that feels like part of the team

When you decide to outsource part or all of your IT, you want the onboarding of your new managed IT solutions provider to be as seamless as possible. Through many years of experience delivering managed services, we’re tuned in to how and where issues might arise – so that we can easily overcome them and get to work for you swiftly.

Every managed service we offer follows ITIL best practice and our ISO 27001 and 9001 accreditations means we’re sharp on information security and quality assurance. And because we want you to consider us an extension of your team, you’ll have named staff members and a go-to service manager who will lead you through the process and answer all your questions.

We know detail matters

To be successful in managed services delivery, detail matters – while we look at the big picture and the outcomes you seek, we do also sweat the small stuff. It’s these small wins that are often the difference between a solution being simply functional and genuinely delivering an advantage for your business.

We’re proud of our extraordinary service levels, and we’re happily transparent about all that we do for you. We publish what we’re achieving for you month in, month out, so you can judge for yourself the quality of the service we deliver. Every service is staffed by our own expert people and complemented when necessary by a stable of world-class partners, to ensure only the very best service standards are offered.

Outsourcing your IT is all about making things easier. That’s why we offer commercial freedom to pay as you go over service terms that suit – minimising upfront costs and making handing over your IT simple and straightforward.

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