There’s no time to waste when IT problems escalate

Most support calls are minor, day-to-day issues that can be easily handled by your IT team or outsourced helpdesk. But occasionally problems arise that require more advanced expertise to solve. This might be something your team hasn’t encountered before, a piece of software they aren’t fully conversant with, or a glitch with complex systems like servers and storage which can affect multiple users and needs to be dealt with quickly.

Left unsolved, complex or serious issues lead to downtime and that can cost your business. Your team know that a speedy resolution is critical – but if it’s difficult to find or fix the problem then it can soon eat away at resources which are already stretched.

How can you get to the crux of the problem and fix it fast? This is where our IT Escalation services come into their own.

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Going beyond the basics of IT Support

Whether you already benefit from our IT User Helpdesk through CWcare, or you have your own in-house IT team, ComputerWorld’s CWcare IT Escalation support can add an extra layer of assistance. This could be anything from giving you peace of mind in an emergency, supporting you when your regular employees are on leave, or being a point of call for advice or when something occurs that you need some extra help to fix.

Within our pool of talent we have experts for every event – whether it’s relating to apps, servers, networks, on-premises and/or anything else you use. This means we can assign your job to the combination of specialists who will be best placed to remedy it – saving you man hours investigating the problem, and costs relating to downtime.

Benefits of CWcare IT Escalation Support

  • Flexible contract options
  • Spread the workload and cover leave
  • Add a team of specialists to your IT team

A safe pair of hands when you need emergency IT support

We understand the frustration and disruption associated with complex IT fixes, and our primary goal is to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

CWcare IT Escalation is manned only by elite technical personnel who really know their stuff. Trained to the highest standards, they have years of experience to draw upon. In fact, there’s very little that they haven’t already come across.

In most cases we’ll provide support by accessing your systems remotely, or working together with your own IT team. However, in instances where a remote fix can’t be achieved, we’ll deploy experts to your site to resolve the problem there and then.

Flexibility is built into our IT Escalation support services, allowing you to customise the service to meet your specific needs. IT Escalation Support can be added to your CWcare IT User Helpdesk support, or act as an extension to your own team.

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