How confident are you in your security posture?

The importance of cyber security goes without saying for today’s businesses. You’ve no doubt invested time and money putting technology in place to protect your people, customers and operations and you want to know that your security is watertight. But how can you be certain? You don’t want the time you find out to be the point at which your network is breached.

IT security can be a complex area, and specialist knowledge is required to fully test the robustness of your security posture. When the consequences of an attack can be high, there’s a lot at stake. A security audit can help to rigorously test your defences – because you can’t be too sure.

End-to-end security audit with CWcare Secure

CWcare Secure is ComputerWorld’s ongoing cyber security auditing service. Designed to be a complete review and analysis of your business’ IT systems, the purpose is to examine the external and internal risks and how well you’re protected against them.

We look at your security policies and if they’re being enforced, the protection measures deployed, and if they stand up to today’s threats, and what might need to change to achieve a higher state of security readiness.

This sequence of events is conducted periodically to ensure your end-to-end strategy is up to the job. In an ever-changing threat landscape, a regular testing programme is the only way to discover anomalies, investigate their origins and remedy them ahead of time. If your business is experiencing a period of growth, you may be increasing your staff count or rapidly rolling out new systems. If IT teams can’t keep up, this can create security gaps – making regular testing even more crucial.

Our IT security audit services

  • Access Control on-premises and the cloud
  • Microsoft 365
  • Security procedures
  • Network
  • User awareness training
  • And more

A dynamic approach to IT security management

Our goal is to leave no stone unturned as we review every facet of your cyber security strategy. We conduct a thorough audit of everything covering access control, M365, security procedures, network and user awareness to name just a few. For additional reassurance we can arrange for ethical hackers to penetration test your systems and hunt out back doors.

Any gaps discovered will prompt recommended steps to sure up defences – whether that’s simple configuration changes, alterations to security policy or deployment of new solutions. The result? You’ll enjoy ongoing peace of mind knowing that expert eyes are continually on your cyber security. Furthermore, you’ll receive documentary evidence that your business has taken every step to provide adequate protection for itself in the event of an exploit.

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