Infrastructure maintenance without the hard work

Your virtual infrastructure is one of the most critical components of your on-premises environment. There’s a good chance it will host many of your business-critical apps and much of your important data. Keeping on top of it is no mean feat – the cross compatibility between server, hypervisor, storage and network alone makes it a draining task to eliminate conflicts and achieve interoperability.

From recurring software patching to periodic upgrades of both hardware and software, there’s a seemingly endless list of jobs that contribute to the smooth running of your IT. And when the target lifespan for virtual infrastructure is usually 5 years, repeating tasks over and again demands both expertise and time – commodities IT teams can be short on. Often overlooked when infrastructures are built, these costs may only be revealed once environments are live and encounter changes or issues.

More and more workloads are being moved to the cloud – and as additional time is spent attending to cloud infrastructure, it’s easy to overlook everything that remains on-premises. ComputerWorld can help you keep your on-premises environment in shape.

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Keep your on-premises environment performing at its best

CWcare Maintain for vSphere is a complete care plan for your virtual infrastructure. We take care of all software and hardware, including backup technology, to keep everything perfectly optimised for your needs. Our role is to take on responsibility for maintaining your virtual infrastructure, so that your team are free to focus on putting it to good use for your business.

When your users, customers and business operations depend on your virtual infrastructure, you want to be sure it’s running optimally. CWcare Maintain offers peace of mind by delivering reassurance on performance and availability. With expert technical and industry knowledge on our side, we’ll also make sure that you’re maximising every investment in software and hardware available to you.

Our vSphere Maintain services

  • Regular health checks
  • Pre-agreed update schedule
  • Upgrades undertaken with specialists
  • Full project management

A flexible approach to infrastructure maintenance

The way that infrastructure is configured, and the reasons why, will vary from business to business. That’s why it’s important to understand your existing environment, its role in your business and confirm versions and hardware compatibility. We’ll do all of this through an initial infrastructure review.

To help you simplify your infrastructure maintenance we provide flexibility around pricing and duration to suit your needs. Based on our initial review, we’ll offer a fixed price maintenance agreement for however long you choose, payable monthly, annually or as a single cost depending on your preferences.

During this time we will perform all essential maintenance, undertake version upgrades, implement periodic health and performance assessments, and offer to train one of your IT team as a vSphere administrator.

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