The meeting room: beyond four walls

Meeting room technology has long been an important part of office life – and more so as the need to connect virtually inside and outside the business has become commonplace. For the remote and hybrid working generation, digital experiences have become natural and seamless, so it’s important that your meeting room technology stands up to those expectations. Equipment that is difficult to use, does not serve high-quality audio or video, or is incompatible with regularly used apps feels like a step back for those who have become accustomed to collaborating digitally.

The best meeting room technology helps every participant to feel like an equal player – whether physically in the room or not. It allows effortless collaboration between attendees no matter where they are, or the device they’re using. And, it can be relied upon to work first time, the moment it’s needed.

Audio and video conferencing solutions

We deliver solutions from market leader Poly and other audio-visual (AV) partners who specialise in conference room technology. We can advise on the different devices available, the scenarios that each serves best and how to combine them for ultimate digital meeting experiences. Taking into consideration the space you have on your premises, we’ll encourage you to rethink the traditional meeting room and discover how, using the right technology, you can create huddle spaces, call pods and other creative collaboration setups.

Our know-how extends beyond the gadgets themselves, to the apps and services you may wish to integrate into your system to help collaboration run smoothly, such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. We can also install room booking software to make managing meetings simple.

  • Solutions for Microsoft Team and Zoom
  • AV integration with other key apps
  • Hardware, software and services for first-class AV
  • Managed services for ongoing management

Create hybrid meeting experiences that impress

Nobody wants poor quality connection, audio or video to get in the way of an important business deal, or stop a team collaboration mid-flow. We build solutions that start with the way you need to work. We’ll ask you to think about what you use meeting room technology for, how often and how many people are involved. Which apps or programs do you regularly use and share in meetings, and how tech-savvy is the typical user?

Bearing all of this in mind, our conferencing technology experts will create a tailored solution to give you and your users a meeting room experience where technology is the last thing on their mind – because it just works.

If your IT teams are feeling the load of maintaining multiple devices and apps, then let us lighten it. Through our managed services we can look after everything from sourcing, installation and maintenance to software integration and technology upgrades.

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